Exporter Dehydrated Garlic & Onions

We make sure the quality of Garlic Flake to our valuable clients. The dehydrated garlic flake have excellent flavor and taste that's almost like the fresh garlic. We provide the dehydrated garlic flake at economical prices. As we are the foremost exporter of dehydrated garlic and Onion, these are highly in market. Dehydrated foods is that the successful company in manufacturing dehydrated garlic in India.

We, at "Dehydrated foods" are hooked in to processing and exporter of dehydrated Garlic and Onion & Vegetable products, Indian Spices and enabling local economies that are sustainable for both our surroundings and therefore the people in it. We are one of the simplest manufacturer of dehydrated Garlic in India. And our dehydrated Garlic taste as a fresh Garlic which enhance the taste of your food. We believe quality rather than quantity.

There are various type of Dehydrated Onion available

Dehydrated Onions Flakes

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Dehydrated Onions chopped

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Dehydrated Onions granules

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Dehydrated Onions minced

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Key Features

  • Long shelf life
  • excellent quality
  • 100% natural without any preservatives
  • Easily store
  • moisture removal


  • Food processing
  • soups
  • salad Dressing and soups
  • Retail /household
  • Ready meals
  • Infant food
  • snack and savory product.

Dehydrated Onions powder

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