Dehydrated Onions

We are one of leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Dehydrated onion in India. Dehydrated food fresh dehydrated onion are handpicked, freshly harvested onion that are dried using state of the art dehydration process to maintain flavor and taste. The product is 100% natural without any preservatives, artificial color or flavors. Dehydrated onions are known for their consumption worldwide predominately because of growth popularity of convenience and attractive packaging of food product. Onion espically contain high amount of Vitamin B &C , calcium and iron.Onion is a staple in any well-stocked kitchen. Dehydrated onion allows you instantly add their strong flavor without the chore of chopping, slicing or mincing. This saves many cooks fingers from stinking and eyes from crying. We follow every step right from sourcing, cleaning, and processing and packing is scrutinized by specialized food technician for quality control. It is dehydrated using latest air drying technology for longer shelf life. Onion containssulphur, vitamins and iron which strength the nerves. Dehydrated onion contain prebiotics which improve sleep and even reduce stress in human.

The dehydrated onion is available in various color like red, pink and white. Our offered Dehydrated onion are available in various size, color, types, package according the needs and specification need by our regular client. Served raw, they add a crisp bite to salad and burger, when cooked they add a pungent lightly spicy flavor that complement almost any savory dish they can even be caramelized to sweetness. Moreover, we offer this at very nominal rate.

There are various type of Dehydrated Onion available

Dehydrated Onions Flakes

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Dehydrated Onions chopped

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Dehydrated Onions granules

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Dehydrated Onions minced

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Key Features

  • Long shelf life
  • excellent quality
  • 100% natural without any preservatives
  • Easily store
  • moisture removal


  • Food processing
  • soups
  • salad Dressing and soups
  • Retail /household
  • Ready meals
  • Infant food
  • snack and savory product.

Dehydrated Onions powder

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