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1. Dehydrated Garlic Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in India

Dehydrated foods based in Jamnagar, Gujarat is the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of dehydrated garlic and a variety of dehydrated vegetables in India. We with the help of our highly educated and experienced professionals are able to produce a range of dehydrated essentials as per the international food prompt guidelines and norms. We are exclusively engaged in the manufacturing and selling of fine-grade dehydrated flakes of garlic, onion, fruits, and vegetables. The quality of fruits and vegetables we use for dehydration is competitively unmatched in the market. The dehydrated products we sell are produced from the best quality ingredients that help them to retain for a long period of time. With the emergence of dehydrated vegetables produces the precious time for peeling, grating, and then using has been saved. Nowadays, availability of vegetable is not a mere concern due to the presence of dehydrated ones. It is quick and readily available at all places, clients just need to store them under hot water just for a term of 15 minutes and the product is ready to use. We are producing all types of dehydrated products, so whenever feel convenient feel free to contact us anytime as we are available 24/7 to help you out all the way in India and abroad.

1.1 Dehydrated Garlic Flakes, Dehydrated Garlic Minced, Dehydrated Garlic Powder

We are the quality-oriented manufacturers and sellers of dehydrated garlic flakes; dehydrated garlic minced, and dehydrated garlic powder in Gujarat. We are producing an exclusive range of dehydrated products in immense quantities for valuable consumers surviving across the globe. The ranges of dehydrated flakes of garlic products we sell are perfectly chopped, minced, and powdered. These are produced as per the food quality norms and this is something that makes our produces to be highly acceptable by consumers all throughout the nation and abroad. Due to the best quality product sold out, we have achieved huge clientele from nations abroad. They are not only prioritizing our dehydrated flakes but are also happy with the sales and support too. We never compromise in framing the quality standards of the dehydrated products we provide to our valuable clients as we have vitalized the use of modern infrastructure and machines for the production of dehydrated products. Our experts make use of only fresh vegetables in the framing of dehydrated products.

1.3 Dehydrated Garlic Exporter Price in Rupees

Product Quantity Price per kg
Dehydrated garlic flakes 1 kg Approx Rs 125/kg
Dehydrated garlic granules 1 kg Approx Rs 145/kg
Dehydrated garlic minced 1 kg Approx Rs 118/kg
Dehydrated garlic chopped 1 kg Approx Rs 120/kg
Dehydrated garlic powder 1 kg Approx Rs 80/kg
Dehydrated onions 1 kg Approx Rs 155/kg
Dehydrated vegetables 1 kg Approx Rs 150-250/kg
Indian spices 1 kg Approx Rs 61-350/kg

1.4 Dehydrated Garlic Supplier: Grades

Dehydrated garlic flakes :

Under the extreme supervision of experts, we are exclusively producing a fine range of dehydrated garlic flakes for different consumer conveniences throughout the globe. We are comprehensively engaged in the export of dehydrated garlic flakes to vast nations abroad. We are even catering to the customized solution for the same. Clients highly prioritize our sold-out dehydrated garlic flakes for their unmatched durability and quality service. We have utilized fine types of fresh raw ingredients and preservatives in the formulation to make the products of highly firm quality ready to use.

Dehydrated garlic granules :

We are the preeminent producer and seller of fine-quality garlic granules in India. We are comprehensively engaged in the manufacturing and selling of these granules even to remote locations to make it easier for the small and medium enterprises to be benefitted from the use of quick, easy, and sturdy methods of using garlic granules. The garlic granules thus produced are gone through thorough quality checkups to maintain the freshness of the granules even after dehydration. Our manufacturing experts have used such technology such that the aroma of the food products is maintained till their application and is also safe for health having no repercussions.

Dehydrated garlic minced :

With the use of modern technology instruments, we are comprehensively engaged in the production and selling of dehydrated garlic minced in bulk quantities in India. We assure that our preservatives are delivered with uttermost care and packaged under the stringent supervision of experts who leave no chance for disappointments for the products delivered. Clients are highly satisfied with the sales and support for the garlic minced produces supplied. We are manufacturing dehydrated using ultra-fresh and pure ingredients that are capable of not losing their virtuality for a long period of time.

1.5 Dehydrated foods is best in business and is world's Leading Dehydrated Garlic Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter

Dehydrated foods is the leading firm and a world-leading brand famous for the sales and export of fine quality dehydrated garlic products in Gujarat. With the aim of delivering significant and qualitative dehydrated products to customers, we have introduced a range of dehydrated essentials that are not only nutritious but are tasty too. We manufacture products in compliance with universal food quality norms and guidelines to make them acceptable in nations abroad. We are based in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India. We are a certified manufacturing company and have achieved many certifications for producing fine quality dehydrated products. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with a modern infrastructure and machines that help us in the peeling, washing, chopping, dried, and packaging of tons of dehydrated products. The usage of modern machines has helped us for catering to the frequent never lasting demands of valuable clients.

1.5.1 Dehydrated Garlic Manufacturer: Application & Uses

1.6 List of Top 10 Products Exported from India

1.6.1 Dehydrated Garlic

Dehydrated garlic is the product made out of fresh garlic cloves. It is processed and goes through several stages and then converted in dehydrated garlic. It is used in making a wide range of purposes in the food product manufacturing industries like for making fried products, pickles and even used in vegetable dishes. Dehydrated garlic is widely used where it is available in rare amounts.

1.6.2 Dehydrated Onions

We are the leading producer of dehydrated onions. We produce and provide a wide array of dehydrated onions as per consumer requirements. The use of dehydrated onion has grossed up as it contains many beneficial nutrients, including calcium, potassium, and magnesium. We are offering in bulk quantities to almost all cities of India and at cost-effective price rates.

1.6.3 Dehydrated Onion Powder

We are the leading producer of dehydrated onion powder for valuable consumers throughout the nation and abroad. The dehydrated onion powder we manufacture and sell is of premium quality and made using fine-quality ingredients. We are offering these dehydrated onion powders in bulk quantities. The onion powder we produce is used as a flavoring agent for producing food products.

1.6.4 Dried Garlic Granules

We are the leading dried garlic granule manufacturer and seller in India. We have equipped modern technologies in our infrastructure to produce dried garlic granules in bulk quantities for valuable consumer conveniences. The dried garlic granules we provide are highly utilized for a variety of purposes in food products manufacturing industries like for making salads dressing and seasoning gravies, curries, sauces, dips, cheese snacks, rice mixes, seafood, stuffing, pickles, bakery products and etc.

1.6.5 Dehydrated Tomato Chips

We are leading producers and sellers of dehydrated tomato chips in India. We are selling a wide range of tomato chips to almost all major cities throughout India. We are using fine quality tomatoes in manufacturing and have used the technology measures so that the freshness of the dehydrated tomato chips is maintained during use. The range is highly economical and can be stored for a longer period of time. Our produced dehydrated chips are demanded by snack manufacturing industries for making pasta sauces and giving dishes a fun kick.

1.6.6 Dehydrated Beet Powder

We are among the leading firm engaged in the manufacturing of fine-grade dehydrated beet powder. We are producing dehydrated beet powder in bulk quantities for a variety of consumers throughout the nation and abroad. Clients are highly satisfied with the sales and support for the dehydrated beet powder due to its long-time freshness and durability. The range is cost-effective and we use premium quality ingredients to cater to the user with fine quality beet powder ingredients as never before.

1.6.7 Dehydrated Spinach Powder

We are the leading manufacturer and seller of dehydrated spinach powder in India. We manufacture and sell dehydrated spinach powder in bulk quantities to many industries surviving across the nation and abroad. Dehydrated spinach powder is great due to its properties like it is used as a flavoring agent for a broad range of products. It is also used as a nutritional element for people who don’t get a proper source of nutrition. It is widely used for making a wide range of shakes and smoothies and for the dressing of dishes too.

1.6.8 Dehydrated Vegetable Powder

We are the leading producers of dehydrated vegetable powder in India. We with the use of modern machines are gracefully engaged in the formulation and packaging of broad category of vegetable powder. We assure you that we are using finely sorted and best veggies for making dehydrated vegetable powder. Our produced vegetable powder is finely chopped, peeled, grated, dried, and then quality is checked and after all, this has been done it is sent for packaging. We are extremely looking towards each and every step with stringent care to make it possible for the valuable consumer to get fresh materials for their use. The dehydrated vegetable powder has many uses as it is used as a flavoring agent for a variety of products and eatables.

1.6.9 Black Pepper Exporters

We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of fine-graded black pepper ingredients from India. We are not only comprehensively producing but are also engaged in the exports of black pepper ingredients too. We produce all types of dehydrated products ranging from powder, granules, flakes, and many more. These products are highly utilized by eatable products manufacturing industries as a fresh source of flavoring products. We are using fine quality black pepper for making its granules and powder and therefore, these products are able to be stored for a long period of time.

1.6.10 Dried and Preserved Vegetables

We are the leading manufacturers and sellers of a wide range of dried and preserved vegetable products in India. We are supplying these products in bulk quantities to many industries and food product manufacturing units. The range of preserved vegetable dried products we are producing is available to clients at highly subsidized price rates. We are using fine and fresh vegetables and using such a method that is helpful in maintaining the freshness for a long period of time. Dried vegetables are used for making soups, sauces, and dips.

1.6.11 Coriander Powder, Turmeric Powder, and Red Chilli Powder

We are the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of a wide range of dried spices powders ranging from coriander powder, turmeric powder, and red chili powder in India. We manufacture and sell all types of these powder ingredients as per the valuable consumer’s commercial and household uses. We have prioritized the use of fine quality raw materials in the manufacturing to cater to the user with fresh spices powder for their uses. We have used such a method to prepare powder of spices in such a way that they are compatible to be stored for a long period of time and their freshness is obtained till the time of use. The range of spices powders we sell is highly economical and we assure to deliver these in bulk quantities in the limited time frame.

1.6.12 Exporter of Cumin Seeds

We are the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of cumin seed extract in India. We produce and sell these in bulk quantities to nations abroad. Cumin seeds are used as raw products and as a flavoring agent in many industries. It has several health benefits also and therefore is utilized by various industrialists for making food products. We are offering unmatched quality cumin seeds for valuable consumers all across and are selling these at highly economical price rates.

1.8 Dehydrated Garlic Exporter: Packing & Delivery Details

Payment mode: we accept all types of payment through cheque, cash or demand drafts

Packaging: we are offering multifaceted packing and customized packaging as per consumer convenience

Delivery: We assure timely delivery of dehydrated products in the given time frame due to the well established infrastructure facility; we’ve able to export large quantities through roadways and airways

1.9 Dehydrated foods is one of the top Dehydrated Garlic Exporter

We are among the leading exporters of dehydrated garlic products from India. The ranges of dehydrated products we export are unmatched in terms of quality, precision, taste, firmness, and longevity. The products are extremely when taken for use. We have utilized modern techniques in the creation and this has helped us to fabricate fine quality dehydrated products as per consumer demands from nations abroad. The frequent exports and demands have made us achieve many certifications on the national as well international platform. We are producing all types of dehydrated garlic products ranging from dehydrated garlic granules, dehydrated garlic minced; dehydrated garlic powder, and many other dehydrated vegetable products. It is the dedicated support of our manufacturing team which helps to make us supreme in this domain. We produce dehydrated products that have helped nations where vegetables are scarce and there is scarce of climatic conditions for producing vegetable and there our produces have not only helped them in their taste enhancements but also in getting the nutrition. Our products for dehydrated garlic products are sold to clients at highly consistent and fair prices and these are some of the key features that make us distinct from other sellers and producers of this domain.

1.10 Dehydrated Garlic Supplier in India- Dehydrated foods (Ahmedabad)

The dedicated support of our manufacturing unit has enabled us to deliver fine quality dehydrated garlic to major Indian cities. We not only excel in delivering products in assured time frame but we have worked to maintain the quality standards and thereby making it highly acceptable in all terms. We are transporting tons of dehydrated products to these many cities as stated below:

Ahmedabad Bangalore Chennai
Coimbatore Delhi Faridabad
Ghaziabad Gurgaon Hyderabad
Indore Jalandhar Jaipur
Jamnagar Jodhpur Kanpur
Kolkata Ludhiana Mumbai
Nagpur Nashik Navi Mumbai
Noida Pune Rajkot
Surat Moradabad

1.11 Dehydrated Garlic Exporters- Dehydrated foods (India)

With the help of strong support of transport network facility, we’ve been able to export immense of dehydrated products to a variety of nations that are incapable of producing vegetable and spices. The use of dehydrated vegetable has reduced the burden of peeling, grating and storing. The dehydrated products are easy to store, lightweight, and bear all the important qualities of nutritional supplements and are therefore in rich demand. Therefore, we are exporting to these many nations as state below:

China UK USA Sri Lanka Egypt
Germany Thailand Canada Dubai Australia

1.12 Frequently Asked Question about Dehydrated Garlic

What is the need for dehydrated products?

As dehydrated products are not only nutritious but are also rich in taste and easy to store for a long period of time without any degradation. Therefore, these products are used for a variety of purposes for food manufacturing and delicacies making. One of the best features of the dehydrated products is that it is lightweight and also a source of high-energy snack.

What are the types of dehydrated products Dehydrated foods produce and provide?

We are comprehensively offering a variety of dehydrated food products ranging from dehydrated garlic, dehydrated onion, dehydrated fruits, dehydrated spices, dehydrated vegetables, and many more powdered ingredients for the same given above.

What is process of getting dehydrated products?

The process is very simple, steady and hassle free and with the use of modern machines the hasty work has been made simpler. The process involves steps; raw materials-feeding area-peeling-washing-temperature equalizing-grading-drying-slicing-color sorting and metal detection-weighing and packaging.

1.13 Customer Feedback about Dehydrated Garlic


Awesome for dehydrated veggies and Indian spices. The quality of vegetables prepared with utmost care. Wonderful. Highly recommended

Karuna Dwivedy
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